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bonfire campfire at bhandardara camping.jpg

Campfire at camping Bhandardara

Lakeside Bonfire / Campfire for memorable evening with partner, friend or family at Bhandardara lake

Chicken Shish Kebab

Barbeque at camping Bhandardara

Veg and Non Veg Barbeque for all camping lover, Enjoy the rich taste for Barbeque at Bhandardara Lake Camping

Welcome to VRaj Camping Bhandardar

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Tent Camping Bhandardara

We provide tent with all weather proof condition. Tent with good sleep, luxury, stay and comfirt with lake view bhandardara


Boating at camping Bhandardara

Boating with memorable view of Bhandardara lake. Boating for couple, family, group.


Games at camping Bhandardara

Games like badminton, cricket, dart, bow and arrow, volleyball etc for all Bhandardara camping lover

Indian Thali

Food at camping Bhandardara

Veg and Non Veg food for all camping lover, Enjoy the taste of indian food at Bhandardara Lake Camping